Global e•dentity™ Receives First U.S. Patent for COVID-19 Detection

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Global e•dentity™ Receives First U.S. Patent For COVID-19 Detection

Wilmington, DE –Dec 29, 2020 — Global e·dentity™ Inc, the biometric identification startup, has received its fourth U.S. Patent and Trade Office (PTO) patent number US 10,880,303 REAL-TIME COVID-19 OUTBREAK IDENTIFICATION WITH NON-INVASIVE, INTERNAL IMAGING FOR DUAL BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION AND BIOMETRIC HEALTH MONITORING.

Global e·dentity’s™ newest patent is the first U.S. patent (and the first identified technology in the world) to use biometric scanning to identify individuals who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic for Covid-19 or SARS. This latest Global e·dentity™ patent enables organizations or countries using the company’s market-leading biometric identification technology to scan for both 100% personal identification and Covid-19 or SARS by Chemosensory.

  • December, 2020