Government agencies, Health/Medical providers and Enterprises seeking to strengthen borders, enhance access control or new security processes. U.I.D.™ combines multimodal biometrics and AI to make authentication processes safer, faster and smarter.

We use patented vein-matching and bone-scanning technology to create dual proof-of-life for governments, corporations and healtcare.

Making our world secure, smart and safe.

U.I.D.™ Multimodal Biometrics Works on any part of the body; the hand, palm or face; and can be incorporated into any small electronic device like a phone, IoT sensor, glasses or a smart watch.

Our Mission - To help everyone live Secure, Smart and Safe

Global Solutions - Delivered with U.I.D.™ from Global e•dentity

  • No more legacy tech to protect your SSN, Driver’s License, Passport
  • No more identity theft or fake ID cards
  • No more Medical or Prison use of outdated wristbands
  • No more Cyber breaches through weak authentication
  • No more duplicated fingerprints to steal business data
  • No more cellphone facial scans - susceptible to hacking or error

Unparalleled Identification Accuracy

Using U.I.D.™ To Make Life Smarter 

The applications for U.I.D.™ make authenticating identities faster and smarter.  We believe biometric technologies available today should help . The possibilities are endless with next generation multimodal biometrics.

Accolades & Awards

Most notable innovative and industry disrupting private company of 2019

Healthcare - Multimodal use in Cancer

Tech Tribune Best Tech Startup 2019


Do you represent a government agency, healthcare provider or corporate enterprise and are interested in next generation biometric solutions?  Please contact us.