Securing your world through next generation multimodal biometrics

For governments and corporations SEEKING TO HARDEN Border, Data, Digital identity And Asset Security, We Help Implement PATENTED Next Generation Multimodal BiometricS — Utilizing Vein-Matching Vectors And Optional Bone-Scanning WITH DUAL PROOF-OF-LIFE AT SeCurity Checkpoints Or Mobile Devices. MAKING Your World Exponentially Safer AND DIGITAL TRANSACTIONS VIRTUALLY IMPENETRABLE.

U.I.D.™ Multimodal Biometrics Works on any part of the body; the hand, palm or face; and can be incorporated into any small electronic device like a phone, IoT sensor, glasses or a smart watch.

U.S. Patent 10135822 | 10547611 | 10721228 | 10880303

Our Mission

We Help Businesses and Governments Implement Exponentially Safer Authentication Technologies

Security Problems Faced By The World

  • SSN, Driver’s Licenses, ID card(s) & Passports are still being used to “prove” identity
  • Identity theft and cybercrime are still prevalent worldwide 
  • Healthcare facilities and and prisons still use wristbands for identity
  • Cyber security is still easily breached through password vulnerabilities
  • Many applications use fingerprints which can easily be duplicated
  • Facial scans used by Apple, Samsung, Facebook and other device manufacturers have been proven to be less secure and more susceptible to hacking.  Bypass methods include the use of stolen credentials through social engineering or photos available on social media.


Securing Your World

To provide people, corporations, and governments worldwide a secure digital identity solution for the next millennium, through ongoing development of secure multi-modal biometrics using Universal Identification U.I.D.™.

Unparalleled Identification Accuracy

Our Experience Will Help You

With over 175 years of combined experience our team has the appropriate strategic and technical expertise, combined with a superb understanding of market dynamics.

Accolades & Awards

Global e∙dentity™ has won awards including RED HERRING — most notable innovative and industry disrupting private company of 2019. Our founder Dr. Adams has also spoken at TEDx in relation to further advancement patents leveraging on our unique multimodal biometric identification technologies.


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