Making Your World Safer Through Patented Infrared Vein-Matching Technology

Global e∙dentity™ — the only patented vein matching system for face or full body recognition to secure biometrics with an unequaled match rate. Our full list of published intellectual property patents are listed here for your reference.

Safer Transactions and Indentification

Watch the videos below to understand how U.I.D.™ can help your institution and its game-changing implications for identity, data, access, border, and immigration security. 

The Foundations Of A New Technology

Looking a bit deeper inside the hand – a world not visible to the naked eye – begin to emerge.

Inside our finger the bone structure and the matrix of veins and arteries are unique to every human. Measuring thousands of data points and their spatial relationships provides the attributes necessary to prove individual identity.

Blood flow and heartbeat provide further dual proof-of-life. These multimodal biometric measurements are virtually impenetrable for a hacker or a security expert to lift off of a doorknob or easily spoof. All of these inside-the-body measurements can be accomplished through innovation and adaptation of existing technology.

In the area of vein access, there are three main technologies used throughout the Vacuolar field: Near Infrared (NIR), Ultrasound, and Transillumination.

NIR vs. Ultrasound vs. Transillumination for Vein Access


Products using NIR technology are easily recognized by the bright (usually red, orange, or green light) they shine upon the skin. NIR light relies on the hemoglobin inside veins to absorb the infrared light, resulting in a map of the veins under the skin's surface.

CMUT Ultrasound 

This technology uses soundwaves to help image venous structures and surrounding tissues on a screen for the technician. A strong pulse of sound is sent into the body from the transducer and the reflection of the pulse is detected to map the deeper structures.

A new Ultrasound version that we use, detects blood flow, and is called Doppler Ultrasound because it can detect the flow of blood from the shift in frequency of the reflected wave from an object.

Transillumination Technology 

This technology is based on the use of bright, colored LEDs that are positioned directly on the skin’s surface during a vein access procedure. As this light passes through the skin, deoxygenated blood absorbs some of the light.

The result is a true representation of not only the location of the vein but also the size and depth of the vein. In addition to locating vascular network or demonstrating decreased blood flow caused by COVID-19 as in asymptomatic individuals.


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