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Making Your World Safer Through Patented Infrared Vein-Matching Technology

Global e∙dentity™ — the only patented vein matching system for face or full body recognition to secure biometrics with a staggering match rate of 1 in 7.5 billion. [U.S. PATENT NUMBER 10135822]

Smartphone manufacturers wishing to add an extra measure of security can now incorporate infrared and use our proprietary technique of vascular pattern recognition systems.

Imagine How Secured Transactions Are Possible With U.I.D.™

Watch the videos below to understand how U.I.D.™ can help your institution and its game-changing implications for identity, data, access, border, and immigration security. 

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The Foundations Of A New Technology - Robert Adams

“As the Deputy Commercial Officer at a US Embassy, I witnessed trusted team members circumventing biometric systems, evading security protocols, and compromising credentials. These gaps in security caused great concern.

Later as I shuttled across the world, a solution which ensures greater privacy and provides reliable identification, far exceeding the accuracy and utility of any current system, began to take shape.

The solutions lay literally not on the fingers but inside of them. Hackers easily lift fingerprints from a doorknob and experts have shown how easy it is to spoof retinal and facial biometrics.

However, looking a bit deeper inside the hand – a world not visible to the naked eye – began to emerge. Inside our finger the bone structure and the matrix of veins and arteries are unique to every human. Measuring thousands of data points and the spatial relationships provides the attributes necessary to prove individual identity.

Blood flow and heartbeat provide dual proof-of-life. These biometric measurements are impenetrable for a hacker or a security expert to lift off of a doorknob or easily spoof. All of these inside-the-body measurements can be accomplished through clever adaptation of existing technology.

Now, using this technology, the world has the foundation for highly secure digital identification.”

Robert Adams, Founder