From securing military access to data, hardware and installations to preventing immigration identity fraud, government agencies and militaries around the world spend billions a year hardening their access points with biometric or digital identity solutions that still remain exploitable by savvy hackers — and the continued used of these insecure systems continues to result in security breaches and unimaginable suffering from human trafficking. 

Global e•edentity™’s U.I.D.™ helps by securing and automating checkpoints, borders with fast, secure and virtually impenetrable systems that require 6-linked multimodal biometrics such as vein-matching and bone scanning to match physical persons with their digital identities in palm sized scanners connected to state-of-the-art authentication systems and with the added ability to spot immediate health issues and stop pandemics quickly.

With such automation, U.I.D.™ would significantly reduce manual inspections of travel documents, and quickly flag potential threats.

We believe it’s time that falsifiable paper records be replaced with extremely secure, accurate real-time physical matching of digital records, where the days of long queues at immigration checkpoints should never ever happen again. Where bad actors never succeed to circumventing security measures.



National ID

National identifcation can be securely digitized for citizen access to government electronic services, welfare and other programs.

Drivers License

Instead of reaching into bag and spending time searching for a physical document, traffic officers can simply do a quick palm scan and get the required registration information. 


Building out an efficient transportation network for a city, state or country can now be based on realtime data that U.I.D.™ can be readily integrated with.


U.I.D.™ gives you the power to quantify performances of national education programs, by actual attendances tracked with multimodal biometric identification.


Without the encumbrance of physical passports that can be lost during travel, U.I.D.™ can mean rapid immigration clearance without worrying about manual checks.

Border Control

Swiftly clear air, land and sea route immigration lines with U.I.D.™ and easily flag out cases that need more attention from immigration officers. Substitute visas, electronic travel authorizations, with next generation biometrics.


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