Border Control

The positive identification provided by U.I.D.™ can help governments securely monitor borders (border zones, green zones, international zones) to regulate the movement of people, prevent unauthorized travel or trade across borders, limit illegal immigration, combat transnational crime and prevent wanted criminals from traveling.  U.I.D.™ can replace travel documents like permanent residence cards, national ID cards, birth certificates, enhanced driving license, visas, substitute visas, electronic travel authorizations, DHS trusted travel cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST), DoD-IDs, and facilitate exit controls.

Homeland Security

Securing the nation against internal and external threats can be made seamless with secured digital identification—aviation, rail, and road, emergency, terrorist, chemical, and cybersecurity response — U.I.D.™ provides the tools to positively identify and track the movements of people in the U.S. and elsewhere.


When YOU are the ID – you are already carrying your passport, passport card, or any other travel document! There is absolutely no chance of it being misplaced, stolen, or forged. It is always with you and active!

Drivers Licenses

When you pass your drivers license exam, your information is added to your U.I.D.™ and you are done. Nothing to carry – EVER!

National Identity

U.I.D.™ supports national identity solutions that maintain government effectiveness while maintaining individual privacy.

Law Enforcement

Identity thieves never fall short of finding an endless supply of victims along with having an endless supply of methods to cause mischief. With U.I.D.™ and incontrovertible proof-of-life, law-abiding citizens and especially law enforcement will have it much easier to defeat hackers and identify thieves.


The threat to transportation and especially aviation is constantly evolving and so is the technology to mitigate the risks! U.I.D.™ will provide for a quantum leap in transportation and aviation passenger identification and security.


Interpol has tracked a sharp uptrend of loss passports and identities globally and it's last count was 54,962,000 missing and counterfeit travel documents.

Stop criminal elements from entering your borders unchecked.

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