Vendor Partners

We would like to thank our following global vendor partners for going above and beyond to deliver excellent and professionally executed services, backed by decades of intimate industry knowledge and experience. They have played an instrumental part in building up not just U.I.D.TM but also our other offerings in the IDIJITM (Individual digital Identity) suite of digital solutions.


Patent and Trademark Attorney: Dorian Cartwright (San Jose)

Advisor: William Shawn Yeager  (Atlanta)

Blockchain Design And Development: Pekka Ollikainen (Finland)

Investor Public Relations & Video Storyboard: Donna Griffit (Mountainview)

Web And Social Media Agency: Adrian Heng of Realisma (Singapore)

Animation Video Production: Patrick Pawlowskiof Patanimation (Warsaw, Poland)

International Economic Development: Louis Buck (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Training Center Pros, Inc. EOD-Gear GSA Schedule 84: Steve Cassidy (Huntsville, Alabama)