Global e∙dentity™ selected as top 2019 Best Tech Startups in Delaware

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Wilmington, DE – December 31, 2019 — Global e∙dentity™, the biometric identification startup founded by U.S. Navy veteran Robert Adams, was selected by The Tech Tribune,
a CrunchBase venture that each year selects the top ten company’s in each state. The Tech Tribune recognizes the Global e∙dentity™ http://thetechtribune.com/3-best-tech-startups-in-delaware/ team’s groundbreaking work developing a new biometric identification system and Health biometrics monitoring technology.

“I am humbled by the team’s efforts and surprised with all the other contenders whom I see as bigger than our company,” says Adams. “Our now multi patented technology covers a non-invasive way of validating anyone’s identity, like differentiating biological twins; our technology solves problems that old biometric technology, including the facial and iris scans being used by many of today’s tech giants, have not solved. Issues like misidentification of individuals with darker skin pigmentation or even stolen personal biometric markers won’t fool our tech, as our multimodal match rate is one is 7.53Billion.”

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