Global e∙dentity™ Second Patent Issued In Less Than One Year

Global e∙dentity™ Second Patent issued in less than one year

Wilmington, DE – November 26, 2019 — Global e∙dentity™, the biometric identification startup founded by U.S. Navy veteran Robert Adams, has received its second US PTO patent. Global e∙dentity’s™ patent is a continuation of Multimodal Biometric and Digital Identity original patent US 10,135,822, and recognizes the Global e∙dentity™ team’s groundbreaking work developing a new biometric identification system and technology.

“I am certainly humbled by the team’s efforts on our second patent,” Adams stated. “We have now filed a third patent application that includes health biometrics and monitoring. This newest patent further broadens our original patent “822” to cover additional non-invasive ways of validating individual identity, including differentiating biological twins. Global e∙dentity’s™ technology greatly improves upon biometric technology currently in use, like facial recognition and iris scans. We won’t experience problems like the misidentification of individuals with darker skin pigmentation, and stolen personal biometric markers can’t fool our tech, as our multimodal match rate is one is 7.53Billion.” 

  • November, 2019