Global e·dentity™ Proposes Strategic Acquisition to Buy Amazon One

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Seattle, WA - December 26, 2023, — Global E∙dentity™, a Delaware corporation and a prominent innovator in biometric technology, has formally extended a legally binding offer of $5.5 million to the Board of Directors of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). This offer signifies a strong and genuine interest in acquiring Amazon One. The proposal outlines a transformative vision for the future of biometric technology.

Despite previous correspondence, a response from Amazon CEO Mr. Jassy is still pending. In light of this, Global E-dentity has initiated discussions through well-established connections, including Senator Marsha Blackburn, Congressman Mark Green's office, and Mike Ward, the Republican lobbyist retained by the Amazon Board of Directors.

Global E-dentity's offer encompasses the acquisition of Amazon One's software, including associated patents. This proposal excludes the "Amazon One" name and the retention of existing staff while ensuring a seamless transition.

Amazon One, with a current estimated revenue of approximately $102,000.00, employs Palm Print with single vascular biometrics. Global E-dentity aims to replace outdated patented hardware with their US Patent 10,721,228 for Multi-dimensional Vascular/Vein biometrics, a highly secure and faster solution, scalable on a global level and across personal devices. The proposed technology features "dual Liveliness, heartbeat, and Blood flow" scanning capabilities, executing scans in a mere 200 milliseconds by using the advanced cameras in most devices.

The redesigned software will be compatible with various modern external hardware devices, such as mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and watches. This facilitates our global Point of Sale, banking, and identity services, incorporating health detection biometrics. Allowing for the current customers like Panera Bread and Whole Foods to simply build the IP and biometrics algorithms into their customer's application, thus not more specialized Amazon hardware, then we can scale this on a global level much faster using the advanced mobile phones.

Global E-dentity's offer includes an all-cash sum, the proposal aligns with the company's commitment to advancing biometric technology on a global scale, with ongoing projects including a collaboration with the U.S. Government and Singapore Government.

Dr. Adams, stated, "Our offer is straightforward and fair, presenting an opportunity for Amazon to embrace the future of biometrics and fortify its position in the digital realm. We appreciate Amazon's BOD consideration during this pivotal moment, especially given the company's public status and our forthcoming public offering."

About Global e·dentity™

Global e·dentity™ Inc. is a registered corporation in Delaware and is a leading provider of multi-factor biometrics, digital identity solutions, and health biometrics. For more information, please visit www.globaledentity.com. Global e·dentity™ and its product(s) are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Global e·dentity™ Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. 

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  • December, 2023