Global e∙dentity™ receives advanced VR/AR Biometrics Patent

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Wilmington, DE –June 28, 2022 — Biometric identification startup company Global e·dentity™ Inc., has received its seventh U.S. Patent in three years from the US Patent & Trade Office (PTO), patent number US 11,374,929 BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATIONS FOR AN AUGMENTED REALITY OR A VIRTUAL REALITY DEVICE. Global e·dentity™ Inc.’s technology enables VR/AR companies and developers to add secure biometrics to positively verify individual identity transactions including airline travel, port of entry identification, and banking transactions. Global e·dentity™ Inc.’s patented technology protects individual user privacy, yet ensures a positive identity, regardless of facial features or skin tone. Using biometric authentication enhanced with a multimodal matching unique to a specific living user, the Global e·dentity™ technology involves non-evasive scanning to generate a multi-dimensional image specific to each individual. 

This latest Global e·dentity™ patent further enables organizations or countries using the company’s market-leading biometric identification technology to non-evasively scan for both 100% personal identification and health-related biometric markers, as necessary

“This new patent recognizes our rapidly expanding capabilities in the biometric identification field, building upon our technology and previous six patents to accomplish not only personal individual identification but also early identification of health issues,” says Global e·dentity™ Founder Dr. Robert Adams. “Our technology can now be used in VR/AR wearables mobile devices to aid in teaching or for health screening during regular biometric identity checks at home or remote locations. Global e·dentity™ uses various sensors, this is what brands us and makes us different and unique in the biometric identification industry.”

  • June, 2022