Global e∙dentity™ Inc. receives sixth U.S. Patent for Biometrics

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Wilmington, DE –June 21, 2022 — Biometric identification startup company Global e·dentity™ Inc., has received its sixth U.S. Patent in three years from the US Patent & Trade Office (PTO), patent number US 11,368,455. Global e·dentity™ technology enables international transportation and safety agencies like TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to positively verify individual identity without using easily fooled technologies like facial recognition software, fingerprints, or retina scans used by other companies. Global e·dentity™ method protects individual user privacy, yet ensures a positive identity, regardless of facial features or skin tone. Using a multi-dimensional vascular biometric authentication is the most secure method, as it has security built-in with a vascular matching unique to a specific living user to generate a multi-dimensional vascular image matched to the specific individual user. 

This latest Global e·dentity™ patent further enables organizations or countries using the company’s patented market-leading biometric identification technology to non-evasively scan for both 100% personal identification and health-related biometric markers, as necessary.   Global e-dentity’s™ identification with health screening can also be accomplished during the biometric identity checks or can be built into mobile technology to be used at screening locations like border crossings and airports, using either ultrasound, NIR, or near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) sensors.

  • June, 2022