Global e∙dentity™ receives fifth U.S. Patent for Biometrics

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Wilmington, DE –March 15, 2022 — Biometric identification startup company Global e·dentity™ Inc., has received its fifth U.S. Patent and Trade Office (PTO) patent number US 11,277,405 DUAL BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION AND BIOMETRIC HEALTH MONITORING USING CHEMOSENSORY AND INTERNAL IMAGING DATA. Last year, the American tech start-up patented the first biotechnology solution enabling users to instantly detect pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic Covid-19 infections through unique odors emitted by the human body, and the new patent expands upon that technology.

Global e·dentity’s™ newest patent is the company’s second continuation U.S. patent to use health biometric chemosensory (smell) scanning to identify individuals’ health profiles during the identity confirmation. This latest Global e·dentity™ patent further enables organizations or countries using the company’s market-leading biometric identification technology to scan for both 100% personal identification and health-related biometric markers. The company’s fifth patent recognizes the Global e·dentity™ team’s groundbreaking development of advanced multimodal biometric identification/health biometrics related technology.

“This new patent recognizes the broadening of our capabilities, powerfully illustrating how Global e·dentity™ Inc. multimodal chemosensory biometrics can be used for personal individual identification and early identification of health issues including COVID-19,” says Global e·dentity™ Founder Dr. Robert Adams. Global e-dentity’s™ identity & health screening can be accomplished during regular biometric identification onboarding and can be built into mobile phones, cars, and/or screening locations like border crossings or airports using ultra-sound sensors, NIR sensors, or chemosensory scanning sensors. The technology uses scanning, linked to multi-modal biometric identification that is absolutely unique to each individual.

  • March, 2022